Alder Academy


Oliver Centre promotes children’s experience of safe and caring environments where their emotional and physical health, positively self identifies a sense of belonging. Children should have open and flexible environments where playful exploration, problem-solving, and creativity are encouraged and purposely planned.

Environments will reflect a sense of belonging where children feel nurtured and supported. Children’s environments will be a place where their communicative practices, literacy, and literate identities are valued and supported. Play is integral to children’s learning and richly formative in their capacity for relationships. Oliver Centre believes that play must be accorded a key place in the lives of young children. Play is essential to the quality of life in childhood and a primary means of understanding the world.

Oliver Centre believes that children are confident, active learners whose learning, growth, and development are profoundly influenced by the quality of their relationships with people and their interactions with places and things.

Central: 10227-118 Street Edmonton, AB T5k 2V4
Wipac Macihta/West: 15830-100A Ave Edmonton AB T5P 0L8
South: 735-80 Ave Edmonton AB T6E 1S8
North: 3910-122 Ave Edmonton, AB T5L 2W3

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