Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre


Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre is a charitable organization providing hope to children with special needs, the families who love them and the communities who care for them. Aspire has grown from a small gathering of dedicated parents and professionals with a vision to a large, busy charitable organization offering evidenced-based programs and services that are family-centered. Early Access to Supportive Education (EASE) is our specialized preschool program for children with severe delays or disabilities. We focus on each child’s individual strengths and needs to build a solid foundation in this crucial stage of their development. In the EASE Preschool program, we follow both child-centred and family-centred approaches to ensure that we provide the best program for each child and family. This means that each child’s program can be developed to best address their developmental strengths and needs, and each child will have access to our On-site Therapy Team who works closely with our Special Education Teachers, Early Learning Facilitators, and Child Development Facilitators in the classroom and other areas of the children’s programs to ensure the best interventions for each child’s success. By offering both specialized on-site programming for our EASE children, we believe we are providing them with the support and learning opportunities to reach their full potential.

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