Delta West Academy


The students at Delta West Academy experience the benefits of the Power of Community every day. They have the advantage of small interactive classes in a lively small school environment. With an average student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1, all of the students in the school know each other and all of the teachers know all of the students. This connectedness provides a stimulating and interactive learning context to develop critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and greater achievement. Dynamic learning experiences emphasize academic excellence, citizenship, and preparation for university. The rigorous DWA academic program is complimented by mandatory second languages of French and Spanish, fine and performing arts, international travel, community service, and integrated technology. As a result of this vibrant learning community, DWA graduates enjoy many benefits on their continuing educational journey – scholarships, early admissions, and greater choices of universities and programs. Most importantly, our young adults develop into confident and capable individuals knowing who they are, what they want to aspire to, and how to challenge themselves. Ultimately, it is a dynamic educational and personal journey of academic excellence, social intelligence, and global citizenship.

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