E2 Academy is a non-profit Designated Special Education Private school in Edmonton, Alberta, offering a unique full-time educational program that follows the Alberta program of studies. We focus on serving the needs of a unique group of students that are poorly served by the existing school system: Twice-Exceptional learners. The potential of these students is extraordinary. Without the appropriate education and interventions however, their discoveries, innovations, breakthroughs, leadership, and other gifts to society will go unrealized. At E2 Academy, students will receive educational programming that not only serves their diverse needs, but also highlights and build on their strengths. We provide a student-centred, strength based educational model that will optimize each student’s intellectual, academic and social development so each of them are able to reach their highest potential, skill and competence, while maintaining a small class size with approximately a 1:8 teacher/student ratio. We are completely devoted to the social, emotional, intellectual, academic, and creative growth of our students. We believe that education is a process involving experiences both in and outside of the classroom and should allow students to find peers with similar interests and passions and develop self esteem and resiliency. Coaching, mentoring, and supporting students through this process will allow them to reach their full potential and flourish. Our teachers are creative in their approaches and embrace a non-adversarial, collaborative, proactive and skill-building system for interventions. Anyone interested in learning about strength-based learning within a diverse and unique population of learners are welcome to contact us. We can make a difference.

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