Edmonton Islamic Academy


The Edmonton Islamic Academy (EIA) was established in 1987 in the basement of the Al-Rashid Mosque with 21 students. The school quickly grew, and to date, more than 1700 students from Preschool to Grade 12 attend the Academy. Edmonton Islamic Academy follows the province of Alberta Programs of Study in all of its core subjects: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Early Literacy. In addition to the Alberta curriculum, our students are also taught Islamic, Quranic, and Arabic Studies. At EIA we show students their world from an Islamic perspective. It is our goal to preserve the religious and cultural identity of our students as reflected in their Islamic beliefs and values. We take this responsibility seriously, creating an atmosphere where students feel loved, safe, nurtured, and encouraged to excel academically. Our attention to academic success is always within the context of Islam and towards a way of life taught to us by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). We take part in school-wide prayers, adhere to appropriate Islamic dress codes, and respect the guidelines of proper Islamic social life. We strive to establish an environment free from distractions and negative pressure so that our students are able to focus on their academic success.

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