Glamorgan Community Kindergarten Society


At Glamorgan Community Kindergarten, we pride ourselves on getting children ready for any Grade 1 program in the city. Our enriched program nurtures the curiosity of each child so they will grow in knowledge and in confidence. We offer a full 10-month school year (September to June) Alberta Education approved, funded program for children who will turn five on or before December 31st of their kindergarten year, and a Junior Kindergarten option for children who turn 5 between January 1st and April 30th of the year they attend. Highlights of our program include:
Small Class Sizes: Ensuring personalized attention and support for each child’s unique needs.
Certified Teachers: Passionate educators dedicated to your child’s growth and development.
Public Funding: Accessible, high-quality education supported by public funding.
Field Trips: Engaging and educational experiences beyond the classroom.
Individualized Learning: Tailored approach to cater to your child’s strengths and needs.
Play-Based Hands-On Learning: Making education fun and fostering creativity.

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