Gobind Sarvar School


Gobind Sarvar School is a Sikh faith-based school located in Calgary. We opened in 2017/18 school year, and we offer K - Grade 12. The mission at Gobind Sarvar is to inspire students to become authentic life-long learners by providing a safe, nurturing environment focused on inquisitive thinking, self-exploration, and holistic growth. Gobind Sarvar is dedicated to inquiry-based learning that promotes academic excellence, life-long learning, creativity, and critical thinking. At the same time, the hope is to inspire the young minds of students to follow Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s (Sikhs Holy Book) teachings to live their lives upon the principles of Gurbani and stay connected to their Sikh heritage.

87300-45 Street NE Calgary, AB  T2J 2J1

12, 3710 Westwinds Drive NE Calgary, AB T3J 5H3

4620 - 84 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4C4

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