Headway School


Headway School’s orientation is toward post-secondary education. All of our students are trained for university or college. They receive motivational training through Sikh culture and morals. As a school based on Sikh culture, we offer Punjabi as a subject. Nature has done its thing, so our philosophy is to nurture the child’s body, mind and soul and to develop each student into a complete human being. We are an extension of the family and are here to help parents raise their children to become good citizens. We are concerned about the person in the present and the future. We think that humans can be encouraged to do their best and become responsible citizens if they are held accountable for their actions. Constant correcting of the wrong behaviour with rational choices can lead to a change in behaviour that is desired by all. Equality and respect for all human beings, respect for plant life and animal life, love for Canada, and duty to preserve earth and her natural resources are a few of the ideas that fuel our vision. Our graduates who are with us at least three years reflect these traits, and they are our "pride!"

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