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Why Choose Legacies Academy?

Multi-Age Classrooms create a community that allows students to teach and learn, lead and follow, and cooperate and collaborate. Students actively work with each other in what becomes a family-like setting. A low teacher-student ratio allows for an individualized education that allows each child to reach his or her own potential.
Our campus and classrooms are a Reflection of Best Practices to form an authentic education, as we celebrate and value the uniqueness of every individual. Service to others happens within the classroom, throughout the school and beyond to the broader community. All are valued as individuals and guided to be responsible, respectful citizens of their school and the world.
Classrooms are organized to encourage Hands-On Learning in an atmosphere of freedom within limits led by teachers who follow the spontaneous activity and interests of the child. This encourages exploration and discovery, as well as independence.
Fostering a Love of Learning that will last a lifetime is the focus of every teacher. Individualized learning plans are created for each student in an atmosphere of study that will be challenging but not overwhelming, based on a pace that suits each child.
We offer Enriching Opportunities to our students within our classroom and beyond. Students form great bonds with their classroom teachers while engaging in French, music, art and physical education.

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