Master’s Academy and College


Master’s Academy and College is an AISCA associate member and a Christian alternative school. Master’s vision is to transform education locally and globally through Profound Learning. Profound Learning is a 21st-century value-based model of education that prepares students with FUTURE READY competencies and skills. Profound Learning represents a breakthrough in the system of education.

Profound breakthroughs in student learning are achievable. Profound Learning empowers and elevates learning through customization, mastery, processes of creativity, the application of neuroscience, and the FUTURE READY Graduate Profile. Master’s Graduate Profile focuses on mastery in learning, becoming a lifelong follower of Jesus Christ, and Imaginal Leadership. Imaginal Leaders are those able to see, learn from, and create the future—the essence of FUTURE READY.

Master’s believes that all students are gifted and that the vast majority can achieve a high level of excellence in learning.

Master’s signature is innovation and creativity.


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