Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre


Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre is an Edmonton-based organization that has been supporting children and families since 1963, with a vision of Healthy Children, Healthy Families, and Healthy Communities. Our programs and services are designed to strengthen and enrich families with children from birth to 6 years old. Early childhood experiences are aimed at fostering optimal child development and healthy parent-child attachment. Parent education opportunities are created to support families as the child’s first and most important teacher.  Information and referral is a key practice in supporting families to grow and learn within their own communities. Norwood has a long history of working independently and in unison with like-minded organizations. We endeavour to foster a sense of belonging and connectedness with our families and the community. Our Head Start Program is a FREE school readiness program focused on child development for children aged three to five years old. Head Start provides a positive, play-based learning environment to support the development of your child’s social, physical, language, intellectual, creative, and emotional skills. The program provides family-centered education to families, meaning children develop within the context of each family and culture, and staff are responsible for involving family members in their child’s learning opportunities.

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