At Providence we believe every child deserves a chance to reach for and achieve their full potential. Working with the child, family and community, Providence provides the opportunity to build foundations that will last a lifetime. Providence is an independent therapeutic and educational preschool for children with disabilities. We are dedicated to excellence in all our programs relating to the child, the family, and the community. We believe children deserve a joyful, supportive, respectful, and secure environment that stimulates exploration, learning and growth in all areas of development. We know learning is driven by the child’s curiosity and individual readiness, so our task is to provide age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate opportunities and expectations for each child. We believe in the primary role of the family in the child’s life and are therefore accountable to the family and we welcome family involvement in all aspects of our programs. We value research in child and family development by providing opportunities for research by basing our programs on established knowledge. We believe quality services are founded on valued, highly professional staff, and we commit to the support and further development of our own staff and those in related agencies. We strive to be leaders in our field through innovation, systematic planning, evaluation, and resource provision.

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