Diversity in Education

You probably already know that independent schools sustain and enrich the cultural and educational diversity in Alberta by providing alternatives to mainstream education.

Additionally, independent schools are required to meet the same Alberta Education program goals as public schools. Student performance is assessed through province-wide achievement tests, the same as everyone else. 

Also, because one size does not fit all, there are independent schools that serve special needs students, deliver faith-based learning, provide Indigenous programming, offer hockey and other sports training, and deliver academically advanced education options.

Savings in Education

Did you know that the average after-tax income of over 80 per cent of families with children in independent schools is about two per cent lower than families with children in public schools?

And here’s the kicker, independent schools save Alberta taxpayers some $175 million dollars a year.

That’s a lot to think about when making choices about your children’s education.

Independent Schools at a Glance


Over 150 independent schools in Alberta: academic-focused, faith-based, athletic, special needs and other unique specializations.

Of parents of Alberta independent school children are committed to their communities and vote in every municipal, provincial and federal election.

Of families sending their children to an Alberta independent school make less than the Alberta median household income. Independent schools are for all Albertans.



Cost to the taxpayer


Taxpayers save 
per year.



InvolveD Parents

More likely to be active in a group organization, or association.
Twice as likely to be active in school, neighbourhood, or community association.
3.6 times
More likely to be involved in grassroots political activism.



TOP 5 Reasons parents choose Independent schools.

It offers a supportive, nurturing environment.
It’s a safe school.
Instills confidence in students.
Students are happy.
Emphasizes character development.

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